Société Book Club with Márton Simon

Márton Simon is one of the most well-known and popular figures of the young poet generation. When we asked for a panel discussion where we would talk about an important book or predecessor György Petri was immediately chosen by him, so on 25 February, a poet discussed another poet's oeuvre.

Petri, the permanent outsider figure, is well known to readers, and his cult is evident in the fact that twenty years after his death we recalled the age in which he created and the personality of his poems in a full house event. For literature is definitely a blessing that there are cult writers, but the optics of the cult actually magnify irrelevant things and distract them from the essentials, Márton Simon noted.

Petri's lyre is a lyric of disillusionment; and there is nothing more to prove that the author cannot be taken out of the formula of the poem than that when the eighteen years old Márton first met Petri's poems, he set off from Batthyány Square to Hattyú Street to find Petri's favorite bar.

We read Petri's most important poems together, but did not miss the recommended works of Márton Simon and István Kemény. To the audience's question of which ones are the easiest works to start with from Petri, Márton Simon suggested his love poems and early writings. Another question was whether Petri should be taught in high school, Simon said that even though he is not included in the national curriculum, we already brought him closer to many with this discussion.