Absolut Elyx month – four exciting new cocktails at Société Bar

As part of our Absolut Elyx Month, we’ve created four exciting new cocktails, each based on a classic recipe, but the end result is quite different from the usual flavors.

We have plenty of reasons to love Absolut Elyx vodka: it’s a velvety, luxurious quality vodka that can be the perfect base for many cocktails. It’s also special for one reason: every drop of Absolut Elyx is made from winter wheat grown on a single farm in southern Sweden. The climate of the area is characterized by dry, cold winters and long summers, ideal for the wheat. The result of the careful hand-operated distillation is a luxury vodka of ultimate character and taste that is often used by our bartenders too.


As part of our Absolut Elyx Month, we've created four exciting new cocktails, each based on a recipe of a classic drink, but the end result is quite different from the usual flavors. Thousands of liqueurs, bitters, juices, and flavors exist, so the number of cocktails that can be created is almost infinite.  But how is a new cocktail born? The answer: always start off from a basic, classic drink.


Classic cocktails like martini and margarita are based on simple, easy-to-learn principles that have stood the test of time for years. For example, we know that gin and dry vermouth are the basis of the classic martini. But this is where the birth of a new signature beverage can begin, as these ingredients are not carved in stone. With the same measures in mind, we just swap a couple of ingredients for something similar - or, if we are braver, something completely different - and here we are with a new signature cocktail.


In recent weeks, Zsolt Tarjányi, manager of Société Bar, Réka Horváth, Máté Tüdős and Gergely Piller, have been working on to create a new signature cocktail, based on their favorite classic drink. Only one element was fixed: the Absolut Elyx vodka. Reka's drink was based on Bloody Mary, for example. This is the drink we all know really well: we already tried really good ones, bad ones, too spicy or just fine Bloody Marys, but not this one: the name "Same same but different" perfectly fits what it promises. In fact, it’s a perfect Bloody Mary with just as many twists to break from the well-known flavor combinations. The fusion of Absolut Elyx, Lapsang, Pedro Ximenez, Chili and Tomato is a drink that even appeals to our appetite.



Zsolt Tarjányi recreated his classic vodka soda in "No More Skinny Bitch", which was born from Absolut Elyx, Ginger, Carnation and Royal Bliss Yuzu Sensation. The result is an amazingly refreshing beverage that would fit perfectly on any signature drink menu. If you love it as much as we do, we will keep it!



The following cocktail is not just reminiscent of summer, but summer itself: „Absolutely (X)” Máté’s creation, and the base was vodka tonic. Luckily, Máté’s creativity is limitless, and he continued to re-think this otherwise great classic favorite with Absolut Elyx, lychee, elderberry, vanilla and tonic. Plus, if a cocktail is so delicious in the look too, it's really a hit.



Who wouldn’t like fragrant herbs? „Thyme of my life” tells you that this green spice plays an important role here: Gergő's exotic-tasting cocktail combines apricot, vanilla, egg, thyme and Absolut Elyx, resulting in beautiful harmony. It’s truly a perfect cocktail at any time of the year. Now, the only question is which one will be your favorite - come and try all four in March at the Société Bar!