Société Budapest’s building was originally a residential one constructed in 1865 based on Karoly Gerster’s plans, then redesigned multiple times. The building located in the neighborhood of St. Stephen’s Basilica – in the heart of Budapest – has been a city heritage since 1955. Now, the house has been transformed into an inspiring space on 3500 sqm to host several creative initiatives.

Come and visit us at 15 Sas street where you can taste excellent dishes in our fine bistro, drinking exceptional coffee, participate in exciting and various programs, exhibitions, parties, and exclusive events. All this in a beautifully refurbished, modern yet authentic building in the heart of the downtown area. This is us, this is Société Budapest.

Société was made for Budapest, for people who are attracted to culture, arts, fashion, and gastronomy. Our building at 15 Sas street is an open complex for everyone, with a restaurant, bar, and an exhibition and event space as well – a place for cultural and other entertaining programs.

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How do you prepare for hundreds of people watching while cooking? - Zsolt Haraszti, the third prize winner of the Bocuse d'Or Hungary finals has told us.

The Société Bistro & Bar in Sas Street came up with an ingenious concept. Their sous chef, who finished third at the Hungarian Bocuse d'Or in February, and his commis will give an entertaining dinner in the restaurant.

At last, someone has discovered that gastronomy and art are like brothers and sisters. Pictures, dishes, flavors and forms: Société Budapest has a new series of dinner nights, where we can have a guided tour and a seated dinner at the same time.

Inspirative plates: we attended the ART ON PLATE dinner at the Société, which premiered on Wednesday at the fine dining restaurant in Sas Street.

Zsanett Barna is one of those exceptions who already knew even in elementary school that she was interested in hospitality and gastronomy. Since then, she has been constantly developing herself while working hard.