Tombor Zoltán – “Homeward”, a photo exhibition

Homeward – a fashion documentary series that tells a story in a familiar Eastern European environment.

Zoltán Tombor is one of the most outstanding Hungarian photographers of our time who is familiar both with applied and fine art photography. In addition to fashion and portrait photography, his dynamic and diverse oeuvre also features autonomous works. He collaborates with renowned magazines (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Time or Kinfolk), brands, creators and celebrities. His own limited edition publication called "Supernation" has been published every fall since 2015.

Returning from New York after a decade and a half, on December 18 2019, Société opened a temporary exhibition entitled "Homeward" in Budapest, which aroused great interest.

The fashion documentary series was first presented in Budapest, and it tells a story in a familiar Eastern European setting.

The exhibition is an emotional panorama of an old and new, personal past and a collective history that not only displays the general and cloudless beauty of childhood, but also the melancholic atmosphere of the countryside through Tombor's iconic aesthetics.

Zoltán Tombor - Homeward (roundtable discussion and guided tour)

Tombor's photo exhibition inspired the roundtable discussion on January 8, 2020, where Luca Nyáry, writer and slammer (Krisztián Nyáry's daughter) and György Dragomán, writer and translator were invited to share their thoughts with the audience and the artist about the photos. The discussion was led by Anna Ott.

One of the topics of the night was what "home" really really means to them and how would they define it. For Luca Nyáry, home means those 4-5 people whom she loves and important to her. For Zoltán Tombor home is the mother language, while György Dragomán cherishes the memory of Marosvásárhely from his childhood which no longer exists.

Being away from home often makes one feel homesick. For Zoltán Tombor, the desire for home is a bit mournful, because it includes the goodbye and the feeling that "I've left, this can't be undone". Luca Nyáry, in her own words, "idealizes Hungary forever" and her desire for home is always associated with a very strong sense of pride. For her, this is not a sad feeling, but an intensified positive one. György Dragomán always missed his father, he has always been looking for him. In his view, the feeling of homesickness and grief means that we are looking for ourselves. He said, the desire for home is equal to always wanting to remember.

All three of them believe that art is a good tool for self-expression and that anyone who has traveled the world for years can easily return, because there is a nostalgia in us that makes us remember only the good things.

The discussion was closed by Zita Sárvári, curator of Société Budapest and Zoltán Tombor's guided tour at the photos. The photographer is currently working on a self-inspired photo series in his new, Hungarian base.