What’s needed for a successful holiday event?

Winter is a traditional holiday event period to celebrate the end of the year. During this time we get the chance to thank our colleagues, friends and family members that we count on them all year round.

An important aspect when choosing a location is that it has a nice and demanding environment and is easily accessible. Professional event technology and the availability of qualified staff are a basic requirement and are essential for a successful event.

And of course, we can't forget about hospitality. Using high-quality ingredients, stylish and creative serving is a basic requirement these days, but it is also a good tool for conveying a message.

Société Budapest is a complex created by the revival of a historic building, located on Sas street. We offer a variety of venues and culinary experiences in Budapest along the above-mentioned values. Elegant and classic meeting rooms, an artistically designed atrium, intimate lounges, and a hidden bar ensure that we can fulfill almost any of your ideas of a perfect event.


The gastronomic experience is provided by the team of Société Bistro & Bar, whose passion for cooking is reflected in all their creations. The restaurant, which has been awarded the Best Cuisine Award at Dining City, will entice your senses on a gastronomic journey, where the special harmony of flavors, scents, colors and shapes will help you tuning yourself on the holidays.

Original article: https://24.hu/elet-stilus/2019/11/05/mi-szukseges-egy-sikeres-unnepi-rendezvenyhez-x/