Beetroot, the autumn favorite

Color and taste harmony on the plate

Beetroot is one of the most popular ingredients of the fall/winter season - it's easily accessible, yet it's more than just a simple vegetable. It is well known to health-conscious eaters that beetroot is extremely rich in Vitamin C, B6, Folic Acid, Magnesium and Iron, and in low calories. It can help the body prepare for changing and increasingly cool weather while lowering blood pressure and it also has beneficial effects on digestion and physical performance. It's also popular because of its great taste - the purple colored version is the type that is widely known, although it also exists in yellow and white, providing an excellent base and serving decoration not only for chefs but also for cooking enthusiasts.

Our chef Norbert Krasznai and Zsanett Barna, the pastry chef is also keen on using this ingredient - Norbert's appetizer is rich in beetroot, and its sweetness is beautifully complemented with the sour taste of the creamy goat cheese.

Zsanett Barna created a heavenly dessert from beetroot. In her sorbet, beetroot has several roles; on one hand, it comes in a marinated form and on the other, a sorbet was also made from it. All topped with blackberries, crunchy caraway seeds, dark chocolate and tonka beans - resulting in a truly unforgettable taste. This dessert shows that beetroot is a really versatile ingredient that can be used in almost any dish. Our team loves to re-think the use of a well know ingredient and put their creativity to work in order to create something new and exciting. Beetroot is just one of the ingredients that got several new roles in the autumn menu. Worth trying, so come and taste the new dishes in Société Bistro & Bar!