The designers of the Société Fashion Accelerator Program presented their Spring/Summer 2018 collections at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe which took place at the magical venue of the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. Five participants showcased their garments on the runway: Czech-Slovak label Laformela, Poland-based Bodymaps, and Hungarian brands Grandpa, Tomcsanyi and Kata Szegedi.

The show was opened by Polish swimwear label Bodymaps on Saturday. The pieces designed by Ewa Stepnowska accentuated the brand’s signature swimwear styles, and flowers and circles became the main motifs. For the very first time, the collection not only featured swimwear, but also included clothing pieces. It was followed by Grandpa’s designs – a Hungarian menswear brand evolving around the concept of bounding among different generations of men in the family. Closing the first block, Dora Tomcsanyi’s casual, easy-to-wear pieces appeared on the runway, bringing the world of vintage tennis alive in a modern and minimalistic approach. The disintegrated court and vintage racket prints created a modernised retro feel for the collection.


The Czech-Slovak duo, Laformela took a sporty approach in their designs and the clothes were also strongly influenced by the pop music of the 2000s. The asymmetrical pieces were dominated by summer pastel shades and warning fluorescent colours. The Société Fashion Accelerator Show ended with Kata Szegedi and Daniel Benus’ collection, featuring bright metallic fabrics – which idea came from the works of Frank Gehry, architect – mixed with denim and thick and heavy materials, drawing from youth culture and young people’s street style.

It is safe to say that the designers of the Société Fashion Accelerator Program did not fail to amaze the crowds and made a strong statement on the Central European fashion scene. The team is excitedly looking forward to continue their journey throughout the year as the program goes on in 2018.