Bálint Szimler (director of Itt vagyok and Balaton Method) and Marcell Rév (camera-man of the aforementioned films and Fehér Isten, winner of its category in the Cannes Film Festival) produced the first movie of the Inspired by Société initiative which will be followed by more creations later this fall.


„The movie was produced for Société’s request and we got full sabbatical, therefore we had the opportunity to get inspired and embed our own thoughts into the process, straight from the beginning to the implementation. We truly fell in love with this project so it makes us extremely happy to see our movie on different foreign platforms – says Bálint Szimler, director of the film – We attempted to create a unique atmosphere featuring powerful female characters embodying the „femme fatale” type. Alongside the visuals, the narration also underpins Société’s message: the world is how you see it – it’s all about perspective, and you can live it the fullest through your own interpretation. We were trying to interpose kind of a motivational message: live your life, be creative, since as the subscription says at the end of the movie: your ideas define your freedom.


The production that got selected into the online showroom of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. first debuted in front of a bigger audience on a summer kick-starter event at Pontoon organised by Société.