About the project

Fanny: We sat down with Peti and started to think about what could be interesting on such a huge surface.

Peti: Fanny and I both knew that in such a busy, frequented part of the city, we have to use very simple, easy-to-decode symbols, so passersby can understand it even in a short time.

F: We thought that to utilize this size the best, we should blow up some small part of a human body.

P: We looked through each other’s work to find common points. That’s how we got to the parrot, the hands and the general imagery.

F: We wanted to create an image that is inspiring, yet a little surreal. I think the cooperation went well. Luckily, we have a lot in common.

P: We’ve known each other for some time, although, it’s interesting to see how the other thinks during a shared brainstorming session.

F: The goal of my art is to show non-visual concepts in a visual way. Things like music, emotions, etc. That’s why I like to use striking colours and elements that don’t match on a first glance.

P: My photos are more realistic with more toned down colours. Yet one might find shared elements, forms and themes in our works… We used these common ideas to meld our different styles together. That’s how the final piece was created.

About the artists

Fanny Pápay
Graphic Designer, Art Director
Budapest, London
Designer, whose blog has been keeping the local creative community in excitement.
Péter Hencz
Photographer, whose work has appeared in more advertising campaigns, magazines and album covers in the last 5 years.