About the artists

„In my practice, I continually develop drawing as a medium, while I try to push its customary boundaries and confute speculations about its exhaustibility. I like to appropriate formal features of national and world history of fine arts and blend them with current visual trends.

Usually, my own life and stories come to the thematic foreground alongside such topics as (self) mythology, irony, pop culture, feminism, gender, body image. Spontaneous inspiration by media and everyday banality mix with a deep, harsh self-criticism, the boundary between which blurs and they subsequently turn into two points of view of the same thing. Compositionally multilayered works which are full of specific iconography and immanent metaphors are often shrouded in mystery with a strong psychological profile.”

Svetlana Fialova
Kosice, Slovakia
Svetlana Fialová lives and works in Košice, Slovakia. She studied at the Faculty of Arts in Košice, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and is a PhD graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Fialová was twice a finalist of the VÚB Painting of the year, she was nominated for the ESSL Art Award CEE, was a finalist of the Critics award for the young painting in Prague and the NOVUM foundation award in Bratislava. In 2013, she was awarded with the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize in London. She has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Budapest or Vienna and participated in group projects in London, San Francisco, and Lappeenranta, Finland. Fialová also teaches at the Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia, Faculty of Arts in Košice.