A művészről

„Objects I make oscillate in their form between tools (instruments of assigned functions) and symbolic artefacts (fetishes). This emerges from my observations on technologies and their significance. I examine the potential of things within the humanistic realm, approaching structural theories, investigative methods of fieldwork and the nature of applied arts. Such combination of references allows to open up the concept of an artefact: fieldwork loses its typical categorization of subjects/objects and things become causes (Latin: causa).

I am interested in expanding the role of an art object into possible effluences of particular events and decisions recurring in questions such as: circumstances of production, conditions of authorship or bearing of the material itself. Acknowledging the importance of a given context, I attempt to find ways of connecting my sculptures to the institutional, regional and material environments in which I work.

Olga Micinska
Olga Micińska is living between Amsterdam and Warsaw. Currently enrolled in MA Art Praxis study program at the Dutch Art Institute, also holds MFA in Sculpture from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. As member of Timber Framers Guild participated in community building projects. Collaborates with craft studios of various disciplines. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Shows include: Polana Institute, Thkio Ppalies, Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw, Starter Gallery, De Kijkdoos/Corridor Project Space, La Fragua/The Forge, CoMbO, Designhuis, Stroboskop, and Viewfinder Gallery among others.