About the artists

Her primary art technique is painting; her works focus on her own face and body, as well as the events and stories of her own life. At the early stage of her career, the search for a general woman identity and the gender roles were put in the focus of her works of art, filtered and presented through her own personal stories. Metamorphosis – the unity of animal and human forms, a human turning into a vegetative being or in reverse – is one of her most often pictured theme. In the recent years, her interest turned to the surrounding world, cutting out the previously so dominant character from her artistic vision and getting inspired by nature, inner visions, fables and legendary metamorphoses of people from exotic lands, distant continents. Nowadays, she’s trying to find a place for human beings in the space, in nature, and in her paintings.

Moizer Zsuzsa
Zsuzsa Moizer, a painter graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, lives and works in Budapest. Her works of art were displayed in many solo and group exhibitions since 2005 in Saint-Ettienne, Strassbourg, Belgrade, Moscow, Delhi, Debrecen, and Budapest. She was a Strabag Art Prize winner in 2005, while in 2006 the Smohay János prize was awarded to her. As a holder of Alte Schmiede Kunstverein stipend, she had the opportunity to work in Vienna in 2010, while the year 2014 she spent in Rome as a scholar of Collegium Hungaricum. Her works of art are valued pieces of several private- and public art collections, including, among others, the Hungarian National Gallery, the Saint Stephan King Museum in Székesfehárvár or the Esterhazy Collection in Eisenstadt. Besides her artistic work, she was the designer of several creative drawing books dedicated to both kids and adults, first published in 2012. She is the co-author of the child book series ‘Everybody can draw', published in France, Russia, Greece, and China as well.