About the artists

His works of art are monumental but straightforward abstract installations, made of welded steel, sewed leatherette, lighting tubes and the pieces of nature, like stones or wood. He pays particular attention to the most mundane everyday objects, like a basketball, a ventilator or a vase, which he often recontextualizes and implements into his installations. Basically, his sculptures and installations display deliberately created conflicts and debates between material and philosophical dichotomies, like the traditional male and female characteristics, soft and hard materials, dark and light shades, futuristic and archaic elements.

Kiss Adrián
Csíkszereda, Románia
He works and lives in Budapest. After he graduated from prominent Saint Martin's College of Arts and Design in London as a ‘bachelor of art' in 2012, he soon became one of the youngest, emerging artists of Hungary. With the traditional vocabulary or conventional artistic genres it is impossible to describe his work, into which he confidently implements the broadest range of media platforms as composition method. Despite his young age, he was invited to present his artworks in several nonprofit institutions, like Trafó Galéria (Budapest), Künstlerhaus (Graz), Bozar (Brussels), CAN (Neuchatel).