About the artists

The series of cave findings, what will be shown in Société came to exist during 2010-12 as a first impulse and preparation or concentration for the larger sculptures and ideas to the presentation of „ Bestiary”, „Daimonion” and „Transformations”. I have called them Cave finding because of their „primitive“ and instinctive form, their color, which remain a bone structure and also with the imagination, that they have been found in the Cave of collective memories of the mankind.

Habima Fuchs
Czech Republic
Habima Fuchs lives and works in Čáslav, Czech Republic. "The sculptures, drawings, paintings, and installations of Habima Fuchs are the result of an earnest commitment to the discovery of the deep phenomena of life. Through close philosophical research and intensive analysis of religious and mythological iconography, Habima Fuchs generates hybrid forms that erase distinctions between tangible and intangible forms of being and appearance, accentuate the interrelation between entities and their environment, and syncretize some points of understanding from different cultural traditions." Postbrothers