Société House was originally a residential building constructed in 1865 based on Karoly Gerster’s plans, then redesigned multiple times. The building located in the neighborhood of St. Stephen’s Basilica – in the heart of Budapest – has been a city heritage since 1955. Now, the house has been transformed into an inspiring space on 3500 sqm to host several creative initiatives.

Come and visit us at 15 Sas street where you can taste excellent dishes in our fine bistro, start your day with a coffee, shop unique designer clothes in our fashion store, participate in exciting and varied programs, exhibitions, parties and exclusive events. All this is a beautifully refurbished, modern yet authentic building in the heart of the downtown area. This is us, this is Société Budapest.

Société was made for Budapest, for people who are attracted to culture, arts, fashion, and gastronomy. Our building at 15 Sas street is an open complex for everyone, with two restaurants, a fashion store, and an exhibition and event space as well – a place for cultural and other entertaining programs.

15 Sas utca, Budapest 1051 Hungary. Opening in October


Société Budapest defines, inspires, brings you into a community. Société Budapest is the complex we have so far lacked in the life of Budapest. Société Budapest was made for our city, it represents our capital in Europe. Société Budapest is built for those who think there is “no place …” in Budapest right now. We create a space that puts you off from the routine, drifting and grayness. It’s a place to go not because there is nothing else, but because this is where you want to spend your money and time, because you want to be part of it, because here is the community you want to belong to. We do not want everybody to understand us, but whoever understands, we would like to become an integral part of their life.

We are not going to break the rules, but we do not follow what we disagree with. We have our own way, with our own ideas that we would like to share with anyone who is open to it.

We are fashion lovers. We are foodies. We are music enthusiasts. We are cultural beings. We are adepts. We are cool. We are adults.


Société was founded by Zoltán Varga, a private investor and philanthropist. He devotes his time and resources to support cultural projects like Budapest Festival Orchestra as well as those that assist less privileged members of Hungarian Society like Bátor Tábor (Brave Camp) and Mosoly Alapítvány (Smile Foundation). He believes fashion and arts have their universal languages therefore Société is exceeding Hungarian boarders to promote the regional creativity abroad.

Zoltán Varga
István Salgó
Board Member
Orsolya Mádi
Ildikó Tőke
Head of Communication
Zoltán Kálóczy
Leading Art Consultant
Balázs Csapody
Food&Beverage Advisor
Norbert Krasznai
Head Chef
Dóra Marietta Kiss
Sales Manager
Zita Sárvári
Art Advisor
Jónás Mátyássy
Creative Consultant
Orsolya Wimmer
Office Manager
Bence Gellért
Service Manager
Péter Ízer
Service Manager
Borbála Flóra Cser
Fashion Project Manager
Lilla Schuch
Web Content Manager
Barbara Nagy
Sales Assistant
Zsanett Barna
Pastry Chef
Boglárka Horváth
Service Manager Assistant
Zsolt Gampe
Sous Chef
Gábor Imre Németh
Sous Chef

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